Woman Who Knows About Her Two Previous Births

This story is about Dr.Swarnlata Tiwari and her unique case of rebirth. Her story is one of the rarest in the world which has compelled even the scientists do a research on the theory of “Human Rebirth”.

Dr. Swarnalata Tiwari, a principal of the Government Arts & Commerce College from Bhopal (Naveen College), India not only remembers her previous birth, but also the birth before the previous birth.

  • She remembers her first birth in Katani in Madhya Pradesh, India when she was born in Pathak (Last name) Family.
  • The second one she says was in Silhat (Assam, India) in the Goswami family. In this birth she was born in a small village of Shahapur of Tikamgarh district, India.

At the age of 4 when Swarnalata was passing through a river near Katani she had flashes of strange memories. She discussed about it with her parents who then took her for a mental check up.

The doctor after investigations said that she was mentally fit and what she was seeing might be memories from her previous birth.

After a year when she was 5 she suddenly started singing Assamese songs. Now she started getting memories of another life she had previously lived.

In that life she was born in Assam as Kamlesh in 1940 and she had died in a road accident in Silhat in 1947 when she was only a child.

Finally in 1948 Kamlesh took birth again as Swarnalata. The story of Swarnalata was published in the newspapers. On seeing this, brother from her previous birth came to see her.

Swarnalata recognized him immediately as her brother ‘Babu’. She also told him incidents that made even Babu believe that she was his dead sister.

In that birth she was Biya Pathak who was married to a revenue officer and had three children. She had died in the year 1939 when she was 39 years old because of heart failure.

Swarnalata is the wife of an IAS officer, Dr.Tiwari and has two sons. She is leading a normal happy life and at the same time she is in contact with her previous birth relatives of Katani.

This amazing and interesting story of Swarnalata was investigated by Dr.Ian Stevenson, a noted Virginia University professor in 1997. He had visited India and found her story authentically correct. Dr.Stevenson confirmed all the stories Swarnalata had told him.

Her story may seem interesting and amazing to listeners but not to her as she is now used to it and feels quite “normal”.