NASA Mars X Files May Have Revealed Alien Lifeforms On Mars

The NASA Curiosity Rover has explored Mars since 2012 to assess its climate and geology while also being on the lookout for alien lifeforms ­­.

In fact, some pictures from the NASA Mars X Files show a possible unknown creature in the latest set of declassified images released to the public.

Whether the pic is just a play of the shadows and rock formations or an actual Mars alien is a hotly debated topic on the alien conspiracy forums.

Aliens On Mars

Possible Reptilian Alien Photographed On Mars By The NASA Curiosity Rover

Aliens On Mars: Conspiracy Or Fact?

According to our (admitted limited) understanding of the universe and creation, the presence of water is an essential component for any planet sustaining a carbon-based lifeform (1).

In the case of Mars, it has water in the form of ice trapped beneath permafrost in the north and south poles (2).

This, along with additional information sent by the Curiosity Rover, has led scientists to conclude that there was, at least at one point in time, flowing water on the Mars surface.

Therefore, the scientific community has concluded that there may have been alien lifeforms present on Mars.

That said, there is no substantial evidence of aliens being present on Mars.

However, there are some people online that believe that some of the photographs and videos taken on Mars contain aliens.

Mars Alien Conspiracy

There Are Plenty Of People Who Strongly Believe That Mars Is Home To Alien Life.

NASA Found Evidence Of Life On Mars In The 1970s:

All this talk about Mars being home to aliens has been going on for a lot longer than just a few months.

In fact, Gilbert Levin, a former NASA scientist, claims that the agency managed to find evidence of life on Mars during the Viking missions in the 70s.

He even when on to write an op-ed, ‘I’m Convinced We Found Evidence of Life on Mars in the 1970s’ (3).

According to Mr. Levin, the Labeled Release (LR) data from the 1976 Viking mission found four positive results that were supported by five varied controls in possible signs of life (metabolism).

Possible Signs Of Alien Life On Mars

It’s not just crackpot conspiracy theorists that believe in aliens on Mars, even scientists from NASA support this theory.

However, this line of thinking was discredited at the time.

That said, a team of scientists used complexity analysis on the LR data in 2012 to conclude that the data may have detected ‘extant microbial life on Mars’ (4).

Even so, NASA is still adamant in their conclusion that Mars has yet to show signs of life and have decided against Mr. Levin’s advice to install life detection experiments on the next Mars mission.

Therefore, while the photos and videos may show some distinctively alien shapes, we still don’t know for sure that there is Alien life on Mars.

But if you are curious, you can check out the photo, which may possibly show the Mars Alien here.