Natasha Demkina – The Girl With X-Ray Vision

This Story is about a girl from Russia who could see inside people’s bodies. She has supposedly helped people to detect problems inside their body. 

Natasha Demkina

Natasha Demkina:

Natasha Demkina (Natalya Nikolayevna Demkina) was born in Born in Saransk, Russia. In 1987, at the age of ten, Natasha developed a strange vision.

She could see inside a human body. This happened after Natasha was operated for her appendix.

I was at home with my mother and suddenly I had a vision. I could see inside my mother’s body and I started telling her about the organs I could see.

Now, I have to switch from my regular vision to what I call medical vision. For a fraction of a second, I see a colorful picture inside the person and then I start to analyze It. says Demkina.

After this, Natasha’s story started spreading in the neighborhood. People began gathering outside her house to figure out their sicknesses.

Diagnosis At Hospitals:

On hearing her stories, doctors in her hometown decided to put her to test. Natasha was taken to a local children’s hospital where she correctly diagnosed the children.

She used pictures to show the doctors. To one of the doctors, she showed a picture of something inside his stomach. That was his ulcer.

Using her vision, she also corrected a wrong diagnosis made by the doctors about a lady who was supposedly suffering from cancer.

Natasha examined her and said that it was just a small cyst and not cancer. After several examinations, it was revealed that the woman indeed did not have cancer.

Global Recognition:

Stories of Natasha reached UK through the newspaper, The Sun. In 2004 Natasha was brought to UK to test her vision. Natasha could locate the injuries of a person who had a car accident a year before.

In England, she also examined a resident doctor Chris Steele of The Morning TV show. She correctly told him about the operations he had undergone and then told him that he was suffering from gall stones, kidney stones, enlarged pancreas, and an enlarged liver.

Immediately the doctor went for a scan to find that all the diagnoses made by Natasha were accurate. He found that he had a tumor in his intestines, but it was not life-threatening.

The Discovery Channel then decided to test Natasha in New York. There were seven patients and Natasha had to diagnose any five. Natasha could diagnose only four and was told that she had failed the test.

This experiment remains a controversy to date. Later she was tested by Professor Yoshio Machi from the Department of Electronics at Tokyo Denki University.

After setting a few ground rules for the tests, Natasha was successful. She could locate a prosthetic knee and discovered that a woman was pregnant.

Natasha Demkina - The Girl With X-Ray Vision


Later Natasha also started charging patients for diagnosis.

Since January 2006, Natasha Demkina is working for the Centre of Special Diagnostics of the Natalya Demkina (TSSD).

The purpose of the Centre is to diagnose and treat illness in cooperation with “experts possessing unusual abilities, folk healers and professionals of traditional medicine.

Natasha Demkina still remains a controversial subject.