Boris Kipriyanovich – A Young Russian Claims To Have Lived On Mars In His Previous Life

Boris Kipriyanovich, a young boy, from Russia, reportedly claimed that he had lived on the red planet Mars before being reborn on Earth.

When Boris, also called as “Boriska“, was just seven years old, the family took a camping trip. During campfire gathering, Boris asked the people to sit down and listen to his stories of being a Martian in his past life.

Boris Kipriyanovich

Boriska’s Mars story astounded the audience during a camping trip. Gennady Belimov, a university professor, witnessed and recorded Boriska’s stories. It went viral, and a premier newspaper printed the tale.

Boris Kipriyanovich – The Story Of A Unique Child:

Boriska Kipriyanovich was born on January 11, 1996. He was exceptional from a very young age.

His mother, Nadya Kipriyanovich, claimed that Boris was able to hold his head up without anyone’s support when he was just 15 days old.

It usually takes months for babies to lift their head on their own. Being a doctor, Nadya found this very strange, but at the same time, she believed her son to be skillful.

Nadya also stated that little Boris started speaking in full sentences and perfect vocabulary when he was just one-year-old.

He started recalling his previous birth on Mars and shared detailed stories with her. Boriska’s parents claimed that they never talked to him about Mars or space. He was also too young to read everything on his own.

Russian Boy Boris Kipriyanovich

The Bizarre Claims Of Boriska Kipriyanovich:

Boriska’s knowledge of cosmos impressed scientists. He knew about the galaxy and the Solar System at a young age. However, scientists were baffled when he described life on Mars in detail.

According to Boris, he had been a Martian a long time ago. At that time, Earth had only one continent named Lumeria.

He further claimed that they once time traveled in sophisticated triangular-shaped spacecraft. He worked as a military pilot for planet Mars and had visited Earth a couple of times, especially Egypt.

Boris also said that Martians could breathe carbon dioxide. The people on Mars used to be tall, almost seven feet in height.

Additionally, they would stop aging at 35 years of age and would be immortal unless they were killed.

Boris said that there are secrets hidden inside the Great Sphinx in Giza that would change the world forever.

He even said the method to unlock those secrets. It is hidden behind one of the ears of Great Sphinx.

Martians had such a great connection with Egypt so this prediction might be correct.

Nuclear War Wiped Out The Life On Mars:

Scientists have never been able to find any evidence of life on Mars, even though there’s intense speculation on the existence of life.

Boriska’s stories explain why we haven’t been able to find life on Mars yet. According to him, when he was 14 or 15 years old, a nuclear war happened on Mars.

The war wrecked the air and the environment. The Martians tried to make a sun out of Jupiter, but they failed. He said that the procedure left a spot on Jupiter, which we know as the “Great Red Spot.”

Since the atmosphere was no longer livable, the remaining people of Mars moved underground and adapted to breathing carbon dioxide. Boris said, they still live there, and humans have been looking in the wrong places.

Boriska also gave numerous interviews with news agencies and particularly an organization called Project Camelot, and revealed more details of his past life.

He claimed that he is not the only person from Mars to have ever been reborn on Earth. There are others like him, known as “Indigo children,” who are on a mission to protect the world from destruction.

They have been sent to Earth to avoid an apocalyptic nuclear war.

Boriska Kipriyanovich Nuclear War Mars

Where Is Boris Kipriyanovich Now?

Boriska, now 21, is said to have disappeared along with his mother. Several attempts by Western Journalists to track him down have failed miserably.

The sudden disappearance of Boris has sparked endless discussion on conspiracy theory websites.

One reporter had been informed by one of Russian associate that Boriska is currently in a remote place under the protection of the Russian Government. Any attempt to reach him would be unsuccessful.

Several experts have claimed that they have been able to connect with Boriska through their minds.

Boriska has replied to them that he is in a remote village with his mother and living a peaceful life.

How did Boriska know all of these things? What made him come forward with such a story?

This has made it difficult to judge whether Boriska’s claims are real or if it is all a hoax.

However, it cannot be denied that it is an extraordinary story, and one wonders just what happened to this guy.

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