The Creepy Tales Of The Haunted Parallel Forest In Lawton, Oklahoma

The Wichita Mountains in Lawton, Oklahoma, have some unbelievable scenery, including a variety of waterfalls, wildlife, and an excellent site for hiking.

There’s one strange place near the mountains called “The Parallel Forest” that most people are unaware of it.

Parallel Forest Lawton Oklahoma

The Parallel Forest has many weird events and haunting stories. This can attract people who are interested in visiting paranormal destinations.

More Information About The Parallel Forest:

The Parallel Forest has more than 20,000 red cedars, planted precisely 6 feet apart in each direction. The total forest spans roughly around 16 acres.

The federal government built the forest as a method to stop some of the wind and dust from harming crops during the Dust Bowl.

Once you enter this forest, you will notice all the trees are parallel and evenly spaced out, no matter which direction you look. This is the reason why this forest has been named as “The Parallel Forest.” It’s eerie to see a forest so flawlessly parallel.

This beautiful forest is also called as the Medicine Park. However, the fact is that Medicine Park and the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge are not the same places, though they are right next to each other.

In the cold winter months, the dense trees of the forest rarely allow sunlight to seep through. Dust haze looms over the forest, making it an ideal background of a horror movie.

The Parallel Forest Scary Stories:

With each spooky events comes its bizarre rumors, and the forest has plenty of them. The tales range from satanic rituals, legends of monsters, and other creepy activities.

It is said that satanic rituals are being performed in the forest. There’s a formation of rocks in the middle of the wood that looks like an altar.

The purpose and origins remain a mystery, so visitors have come up with different thoughts. A number of people claim to overcome with strange feelings when they’re near the satanic altar.

The Parallel Forest Ok

People also claim that the ghost of a headless boy appears quite often. He vanishes into the denseness of this haunted forest.

Tourists who have visited this eerie forest, have reported hearing strange whispers and glowing orbs in their photos. Some even say they’ve felt a hand touching them when no one was there.

Is The Parallel Forest Haunted?

Many visitors say this forest isn’t haunted at all since they have never experienced such paranormal sensations in this haunted forest. However, they all also claim that the mysterious presence of this forest is sufficient to give some real creeps.

The Parallel Forest is the right place for someone fond of paranormal activities. They can visit and investigate a spooky haunted place in Oklahoma.

How to reach there? You could take a drive through the Oklahoma State Route 115 in the Wichita Mountains. You will see the line of cedars of The Haunted Parallel Forest with a signboard as “Closed at Sunset.”

Parallel Forest Lawton Ok Directions

According to the local legend, you shouldn’t visit this place alone after sunset. You could find yourself lost in the forest even if you don’t come across ghosts or any supernatural phenomena.

At night, the forest becomes so dark that no light could escape its pitch black sheet. Even with the magnesium lights, you can hardly see 20-30 feet away.

The Haunted Parallel Forest directions can be found on Google Maps:

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