10 Popular Haunted Places To Go On Halloween In Nashville

Halloween is the time of the year when everyone wants to experience the fright of the supernatural while eating candy and watching horror movies. However, there are real haunted places to go on Halloween that will really scare the wits out of you.

I’ve only included the most popular haunted places from around Nashville (including the Beast House and Bloody Acres Haunted Woods) to keep the list short.

So, if you are in Nashville for Halloween, there’s a haunted place that’s perfect for you.

1. Devil’s Dungeon

Haunted Places To Go On Halloween - Devil’s Dungeon

The Devil’s Dungeon is one of the oldest haunted houses in Nashville and is located across the Cumberland River.

The dungeon comes with 20,000 square feet of scary hallways, rooms with frightening devils, and much more.

If you are in the area, make sure that you check out the Devil’s Dungeon to get your fill of thrill and fright at the same time.

Tickets Cost: $20 general admission and $ 30 speed pass

2. Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods

Creepy Hollow Haunted Woods

Spring Hill lets you experience a haunted experience in the scary woods where you’ll hear bloodcurdling sounds and scary scenes.

There’s also a mirror room that will scare you to even look at your reflection.

The outdoor activates also include watching horror movies around the bonfire while waiting to try out their haunted hayride.

Tickets Cost: $28

3. Slaughterhouse Multiplex

Slaughterhouse Multiplex

The Slaughterhouse in Hermitage is based in an old multiplex theater that’s great for couples who want to end the night screaming together while holding on to each other.

The attraction comes with five separate theaters that you can revisit some classic scary movies with the right horror-filled ambiance.

There’s also a DJ and dancers around that will keep you and your partner entertained throughout the night. Plus, some tattooists can ink you up with some bone-chilling tattoos too.

Tickets Cost: $25 general admission, $32 with a movie, $50 with a movie and dinner

4. Millers Thrillers Haunted Woods

Millers Thrillers Haunted Woods

In Columbia, you will find out that the woods are indeed haunted, even without the Halloween-themed scenes.

The old mining trail takes around an hour to go through and can end up letting you get lost in the scary forest.

You can also get on the haunted hayride if you aren’t up for the walk, which also comes with its own set of creepy attractions (think The Walking Dead with paintball guns).

Tickets Cost: $20 Haunted Woods, $20 Zombie Paintball Hayride, $30 combo, $10 entertainment zone

5. Beast House

Beast House

The Beast House in North Nashville comes with an attractive feature. If you can manage to complete the full tour of the haunted house, you can get a full refund for your tour.

The attractions include a free-fall through the roof and a Beast Challenge that requires you to eat something really nasty (remember Fear Factor).

You can also visit the Isaac Kechem Mansion that’s got its own century-old history of being haunted.

Tickets Cost: $25 general admission, $15 Beast Challenge, $10 Beast Jump, $50 combo

6. Nightmare Haunted Houses

Nightmare Haunted Houses

There are six nightmare haunted houses in North Nashville that make up this haunted complex to choose from.

The Exorcist-featured house is haunted by an evil witch while there’s a morgue with a zombie apocalypse outbreak in another.

In addition to the horror, you can also enjoy ax-throwing, escape games, and learn the art of defense against the ghouls.

Tickets Cost: $24.99-$33.99

7. Clarksville Zombie Hunters

Clarksville Zombie Hunters

With the Clarksville Zombie Hunters, you get to watch outdoor movies, navigate through a pitch-black maze as well as practice your zombie hunting skills.

You can also go into the woods and experience what it’s like to use the turret-mounted gen on the Zombie Assault Vehicle to hunt zombies (with paintballs, of course).

Tickets Cost: $49 all-access pass

8. Dead Land Haunted Woods

Dead Land Haunted Woods comes with three trials that you have to finish before you can escape from this frightening forest.

The first one is The Curse, which has to do with the Civil War era and is retold by great actors.

The Portal is the second nightmare with zombies as well as the Slenderman, which you have to escape from to get to the third challenge.

The final trial is a maze called The Crypt, which is filled with special effects and scary creatures.

Tickets Cost: $15 each for The Portal and The Curse, $10 for The Crypt.

9. Haunted Hell

Dead Land Haunted Woods

The always-popular Haunted Hell in Antioch is home to a large property in ruins that are filled with haunted ghosts.

The demons from hell (actors playing them, of course) will surprise you in the mazes. You can also get lost in the disorienting rooms where the floor shifts beneath your feet.

To complete the attraction, there’s also grotesque tableaus that may really scare you to death.

Tickets Cost: $25, with a $35 speed pass

10. Bloody Acres Haunted Woods

Bloody Acres Haunted Woods

In Gallatin, you can find 17 acres of haunted woods with trails and 20 scare zones.

Each of these zones comes with multiple scenes that are right out of a horror movie that will leave you shocked to the core.

And if you are a fan of some blood splashing on your face, this is definitely one of the best-haunted places to visit for Halloween.

Tickets Cost: $15

In the end, if you are in or around Nashville, these haunted places to go on Halloween are worth visiting.

That said, make sure you book ahead to avoid queuing. You should also try to visit as many of these fun, scary, and horror-packed Halloween destinations as you can.