Fishes Falling From The Sky in Alaska

Recently in Fairbanks, Alaska.. several foot long lampreys were raining out of the sky.

These toothed Arctic fish are difficult to catch and not sold commercially there, but were found in the car park of a shopping center and on the lawns in Fairbanks.

The story was published in the Alaska News-Miner, “Adult Arctic lampreys have fallen from the sky four times this week in Fairbanks, including at the Value Village parking lot, according to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. That’s unusual for a fish that’s seldom seen in the water up here.”

Some news also reported the incident as “Horrifying Fish Monsters Are Falling from the Sky” and some said “‘Vampire Fish’ Fall From the Sky in Alaska”.

There have been many cases about small animals like fish, frogs or worms falling from the sky. These small animals are picked by the waterspouts or tornadoes.

The tornadoes when crossing over a water body like a lake or a river pick up light aquatic animals and carry them for miles before dropping them down.

But recently no tornadoes or waterspouts were reported in the Fairbanks area. Some believe it to be a prank. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game said that probably the fish must have been dropped from the sky by the seagulls.

Mike Taras of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said: “The answer is probably gulls. Gulls are picking them out of the Chena River with their bills and then dropping the squirming critters while in flight. ”

The seagulls feed on lampreys and small fish in the water. Sometimes without eating their prey on the spot they fly away by holding it in their beaks and while flying them accidentally drop their food before eating it.

This explains the case that the lampreys were found at some distance from the water and fell from the sky.

The lamprey is a seasonal delicacy in Alaska. The Arctic lamprey is approximately 13 to 32 centimeters long however some but reach 63 centimeters and weigh around 200 grams.

The adult lamprey is a parasite that attaches to other fish species and sucks its blood and other bodily fluids. They spawn in the Chena River, and live in the mud underwater as juveniles for several years.

People of Alaska have never seen one of these fascinating fish up close because their body shape and feeding habits make them difficult to catch.

However, these creepy falling lampreys have definitely unnerved the residents.