Don Decker – The Rain Man

In 1983, 21-year-old Don Decker of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania was serving a year of imprisonment for possessing stolen property.

On 24th February, Don’s grandfather James Kishaugh passed away. Don was granted furlough to attend the funeral and spend a few days with the family.

While others mourned, Don was relieved as he was physically abused by his grandfather since he was a child. Unable to hear the loving statements made by his family for the tormentor, Don left the funeral.

Don’s mother did not allow him to stay in their house so Don went to his friends named Bob and Jeannie Kieffer.

At the Kieffer’s home strange things happened with Don. He felt a sudden chill and went into a trance-like state. Suddenly water started dripping from the living room ceiling, the floors and the walls of the Kieffer house.

The Keifers were perplexed and called their landlord, Ron Van Why to check for leakages in the water pipes. The landlord and his wife confirmed that there were no water pipes in the places from where the water was coming. Unable to understand the situation the Kieffers and the Whys decided to call the police.

When Patrolman John Baujan and Richard Wolbert arrived at the house, they walked into the living room to observe water dripping from the walls, ceiling, and floor. As they begin to inspect the room, the patrolmen saw water drops going horizontally, from wall to wall. The officers were soaked completely.

Officer Wolbert said:
“At that time, he (Mr. Van Rev) told me ‘I want you to walk into the house’. Then I told him ‘I’m not going to get into unless you tell me what happened. “

He said ‘trust me, walking alone into the.’ So I started walking and he was behind me. When I walk two steps into the door of the house, I was hit by water mists. “

Officer Richard Wolbert;
Wolbert said that the oddity that occurred not only rain that occurred in the house, but that water mists can also be seen against the laws of physics!

“We were standing near the front door and then watch the water mists move horizontally in the air. He is past us and into another room. “

John Baujan Officers also witnessed the oddity.

“Suddenly I felt frightened and began to shiver. That’s what I feel.
When it is a situation where something happened that had never even dreamed could happen.
No one can explain what is happening. “

The officers requested everyone to leave the house and wait at the local pizzeria, Don was still in trance state. Ron stayed back. As soon as everyone left with Don the rain stopped.

The floors, ceilings and walls began drying up. The correlation of the Keiffers and Don leaving the house and the water stopping was noticed by Ron.

In the pizzeria moments later the Keiffers and Don sat down, same thing happened there. Water started pouring from everywhere. Pam Scrofano, the owner of the pizzeria had noticed Don in the trance-like state.

She immediately realized that Don was possessed. She pulled out her crucifix and placed it on Don’s hand. Don reacted immediately and it was apparent that the crucifix had burned his flesh.

The Keiffers and Don left the pizzeria (the rain stopped there subsequently) and came to the Keiffers house. As soon as they entered the rain started. This time the pots and the pans started rattling in the kitchen.

Everyone started blaming Don for the strange happenings. Suddenly Don felt himself levitate off the ground was forcibly thrown across the room by some unseen force.

Officers Baujan and Wolbert returned to the Keiffer home with their Police Chief. The Chief told the officers it was a plumbing issue and decided to close the case.

Due to curiosity, the police officers ignored the Chief, and the three of them including Bill Davies and Lt. John Rundle went to see the place. On their arrival they found everything normal.

Then, Bill Davies conducted his own experiment and placed a gold cross in Don Decker’s hands. The cross burnt Don’s hands.  The police officers then saw Don levitate once again and fly against an interior wall.

Lt. John Rundle described what he saw:
All of a sudden, he lifted up off the ground and he flew across the room with the force as though a bus had hit him. There were three claw marks on the side of his neck, which drew blood.

I have no answer for it whatsoever. And, I just draw a blank, even today.

Ron Van Why was convinced that Don was spiritually troubled? He called a preacher to pray for Don. As the prayers began Don started to convulse violently and later he became peaceful.

By the time it was over, Don was himself once again. It was the last time it rained in the house.

Ron’s furlough was over and he returned to jail. LT. David Keenhold was the warden of the jail then, he was unaware of what had happened about Don Decker.

All of a sudden Keenhold noticed that his shirt and the area around his sternum were saturated with water. It turned out that when the guards had heard of the recent events at the Kieffer household, one of them had dared Don to make it rain in the Keenhold’s office.

It was also raining in Don’s cell. Keenhold decided to call in Reverend William Blackburn see Don.

Blackburn started accusing Don of making up everything that had happened. At that point, Don’s demeanor completely changed from the trance-like states he had entered during the prior events.

His cell was filled with death like odour and rain began to pour inside the cell.  Blackburn realized that it was not a hoax. He pulled out his Bible and began reading from it and in only a few minutes Don suddenly seemed at peace and the rain stopped.

To this day, Don Decker has never experienced the terrible feelings or occurrences that he did during that weekend almost 30 years ago. He firmly believes that it was the spirit of his grandfather coming back to harm him from the grave.