Aliens: Won’t Leave Us Alone!

Aliens On Earth! Now What?!

Many people are skeptic about the presence of extraterrestrial population. But there is a small portion of the human population that that believe we are not alone.

Some have even gone to the limits of claiming to be abducted by some. The scene appears to be always the same. An isolated environment, a glowing ship and then airlifted into an unidentified flying object.

Then they claim that they were taken aboard for medical experiments and then returned with partial or no memories. We would like to share some of the stories with you and then you can decide whether these encounters of our fellow “Earthlings” are true or not.

Street Fight With An Alien

Gustavo Gonzalez and Jose Ponce were driving their truck along a lonely road outside Caracas, Venezuela, when they found a large luminescent sphere blocking their way.

Both of them got annoyed about the fact that someone was blocking the road and ignoring the fact that there was a hovering sphere over the road in front of them. Gonzalez got out to investigate and everything went south from there. This happened in 1954.

As soon as he came near the sphere, a hatch opened and some people came out. There were three short and hairy humanoids and they grabbed hold, Gonzalez.

He was not able to shake them off as they were light yet strong. During this scuffle, the aliens threw him 4.5 meters through the air. Gonzalez then drew his knife and tried to stab the alien with it, but found its body was like steel, and his blade glanced off.

Strangely, the aliens were intimidated by his actions and they fled away. The pair then went to report the incident to police. They were surprised when a police officer who claimed he had seen the whole thing.

Not So Brainy Encounter

John Hudges and Paul Rodriguez were driving home in Palos Verdes, California on August 17, 1971. When driving through the road he wasn’t expecting to see “friends from another planet”.

He claims to have seen aliens on the road which, surprisingly looked like cerebrums, with the smaller of the two slightly bigger than a softball. The larger of them had a large red eye and began to float toward them.

The pair of them immediately fled away from the spot and Hodges dropped Rodriguez off at his home. Hodges got home to find aliens return for him. He was then taken to their leaders.

Here he was told that brains were the alien’s pet and they used brains for telepathic communication. Why did the aliens let their brains wander and make contact with humans is still a mystery?

Malaysian Aliens

Have you read Douglas Adams book, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy? If you have, do you remember the passage where two ugly but powerful alien races send humongous fleets of warships to destroy the earth?

That was one hilarious story where they fly infinite miles to destroy earth but do not realize how small they are when compared to life on earth. On august 19 1970, six kids experienced something similar when they were playing in a dense forest.
They claimed that they saw 5 humanoid aliens appear from a spaceship, which was yards away. They were tiny, about 8-10 cm tall had a blue outfit and one was in yellow outfit with a weird looking helmet.

These aliens were trying to install some kind of a surveillance device and when one of the kid tried to stop them, he was shot at with ray-guns.

This child who wants to remain unnamed, suffered extensive wounds to his thigh and other lower body parts. Yikes!

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