3 Historical Mysteries You Won’t Stop Thinking About

Our times have been marked by curious and strange events with no explanation. History is full of mysterious murders, deaths, and accidents.

In earlier times lack of technology and science may have prevented the investigation to lead in a right direction.

Even today with all the support of technology, there are some unexplained events which are worth an entry into history books. If you are interested then read on.

Exchange Of Balloons During Cold War

Exchange Of Balloons During Cold War

During the cold war in 1967, the Soviet Union and Cuba had diplomatic ties and the later was totally dependent on Soviet Union markets.

But this doesn’t explain why a crate full of inflated balloons was discovered floating near the coast of Florida. This crate contained seven yellow inflated balloons and was addressed to a mineral resources institute in Cuba. The crate was dispatched from Leningrad.

It was expected that these air balloons had some sort of toxic gasses in them but no indication of any poisonous air was found inside or surrounding the crate. This crate was marked 50 kilograms but it actually weighed only 14 kilograms.

Further investigations by the US government revealed that this crate had been floating in the ocean for at least eight weeks. This was not an isolated incident; a similar crate was found 217 kilometers away in Marathon. The only difference was that it was empty.

It remains a mystery for the Coast Guard because till date they are not able to find out the purpose behind the crate, how were the balloons able to remain inflated and the most important why the balloons in a crate.

Disappearance Of A Yacht And Its Passengers

Disappearance Of A Yacht And Its Passengers

During a stormy night of October 1996, a yacht named Intrepid made a distress call to the Coast Guard in Florida. The 16 passengers of this yacht told them, that they were going to wait on the lifeboat until the help arrived.

The cost guard didn’t waste a single minute in responding to the aid of these 16 passengers. But all they found was a stormy sea, no yacht or lifeboat and not even a trace of single passenger dead or alive.

An aerial search was launched for the missing passengers. This search lasted throughout the night as well as the next morning but no luck. Intrepid and its passenger have never been found.

Mysterious P-40 Of WW2

Mysterious P-40 Of WW2

On December 7, 1941, US naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii was attacked by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service. This was a surprise attack which led to the US joining WW2.

This undeclared assault shocked the American people and led to the entry of America into WW2. A year later, radar operators detected a reading of plane heading towards Pearl Harbor.

This plane was flying in from the direction of Japan. Two planes were sent in to intercept this plane. But as they reached near the plane, the pilots were shocked to plane in bullet holes and a bloody pilot. There was no landing gear in the plane.

An investigation revealed that this plane was a P-40 Warhawk which had not been used since before the war. After the plane crashed the injured pilot had gone and was nowhere to be found.

A diary was found in the crashed plane indicating that it had come from Mindanao. The mysterious appearance of this warplane and the fate of the pilot is still undiscovered.