Mysterious Death Of Stanley Meyer – The Man Who Invented The Water Car

This article is about Stanley Meyer, the man who invented the car that can be run on water as fuel. Stanley died of a mysterious death after his idea of the Water Powered Car was rejected.
Stanley Meyer

Stanley Meyer

Who Was Stanley Meyer?

Stanley Allen Meyer was born on August 24, 1940. He lived in Columbus East Side area for most of his life. Later, he moved to Grandview Heights where he completed his education.

Stanley was a religious Man and was fond of creating something new. After completing his graduation he joined the military and applied to Ohio State University.

Stanley Meyer owned many patents which included in the field of banking, oceanography and cardiac monitoring. His most popular and talked about the patent is the Hydrogen Car.

By 1989, Meyer’s patents were given special preference and were usually put in action within 8 months of release.

Usually, patents take more than a year before they are put in action. Stanley has more than 200,000 patents to his name till date.

The Hydrogen Car:

Stanley Meyer Water Car

In 1975, Oil prices in the USA were rising every day.

The prices were so high that car sales literally dropped to zero.

The US Government was under a lot of pressure as Saudi Arabia had cut its oil supply to the United States. Many organizations went bankrupt and the American automotive industry took a major hit.

During this time, Stanley Meyer thought of doing something new. He wanted to develop something that would revolutionize the entire Auto Industry.

He wanted to cut the dependency on oil and fossil fuels.

Meyer said:

It became imperative that we must try to bring in an alternative fuel source and do it very quickly.

This is when he designed a device that could power cars with water.

The water used would split into two parts of hydrogen and one part of oxygen. The Hydrogen would be used to power up wheels while remaining oxygen would be released back in the atmosphere.

Thus, the hydrogen car would also be environment-friendly as opposed to a fuel car that has harmful emissions.

Stanley’s mechanism was revolutionary. The mechanism could end the United States’s oil dependency by just using water and saving trillions of dollars. It would also reduce the threat of global warming by emitting oxygen.

Meyer then built a buggy which was powered by water. The brand new hydrogen-powered car was demonstrated across the United States.

Everyone was impressed by Stanley Meyer’s revolutionary hydrogen car. They all approved Meyer’s work which turned water into hydrogen fuel with electrolysis.

Meyer’s buggy was demonstrated in a news report on an Ohio TV Station.

During the demonstration, Meyer claimed that his hydrogen car would use only 22 gallons (83 liters) of water to travel from Los Angeles to New York.

Fraud Claims and Law Suits:

Meyer sold dealerships to investors who could use the Water Fuel Cell Technology.

Things started to take a twist when Meyer made excuses to get his car examined by expert witness Michael Laughton.

Michael Laughton was the Professor of Engineering at Queen Mary, University of London. Laughton considered Meyer’s excuses as “lame” whenever he wanted to examine Meyer’s work.

In 1966, two investors sued Stanley Meyer in 1966.

In court, Meyer’s work was examined by three witnesses who claimed that his work had nothing revolutionary. The witnesses claimed that Meyer was simply using conventional electrolysis which is nothing new.

The court declared that Meyer had committed “gross and egregious fraud”. He was ordered to repay $25000 to the investors.

Some people still backed Meyer’s work and were defending him. One of such people was a judge named Roger Hurley.

Hurley Said:

I would not represent someone who I would consider to be a shyster or a bum. He was a nice guy.

Stanley Meyer’s Mysterious Death

Stanley Meyer Mysterious Death

On 20th March 1998, Meyer had a meeting with two Belgian investors. The meeting was held at a Cracker Barrel restaurant where Stanley’s brother Stephen was also present.

At the dinner table, they all had a toast after which Stanley ran outside holding his throat. He told his brother that he had been poisoned.

This is what Stanley’s brother Stephen Meyer said:

Stanley took a sip of cranberry juice. Then he grabbed his neck, bolted out the door, dropped to his knees and vomited violently.

I ran outside and asked him, ‘What’s wrong?’

He said, ‘They poisoned me.’ That was his dying declaration.

There was an investigation which lasted for three months. Later, the Grove City Police went with the Franklin County coroner report that Stanley Meyer died of a cerebral aneurysm.

Was Stanley Meyer Murdered?

Many people still believe that Stanley was murdered. This was mainly done to suppress his inventions.

Some people believe that the reason behind Meyer’s death was due to his patents which had unwanted attention from the Governments. Meyer used to have multiple meetings with mysterious visitors from different countries.

Meyer’s brother said that the Belgian investors knew about Stanley’s murder. They had no reaction when they were told about Stanley’s death. He said:

I told them that Stan had died and they never said a word.

Absolutely nothing, no condolences, no questions. I never, ever had a trust of those two men ever again.

Stanley Meyer’s Patents & Inventions Today:

All of Meyer’s patents have expired. His inventions are free for public use without any restrictions. No car manufacturer has used any of Meyer’s work yet. But, there are cars modeled off Meyer’s work.

James Robey, Author – Water Car – How To Turn Water InTo Hydrogen Fuel wrote in his book:

He was ignored, called a fraud and died without his small hometown even remembering him with so much as a plaque

James Robey considers Stanley Meyer very special and wants a permanent place for Meyer in his Kentucky Water Fuel Museum.