Mysterious Death Of Henry McCabe

The death of Henry McCabe is one of the most mysterious deaths till date. A creepy voicemail left by him adds more drama to his death.

Henry McCabe, age 32, worked as an auditor and lived in Missesota. He was going through a bad phase of his life and was dealing with bad work reviews. He got separated from his wife who lived in California just before he disappeared in September 2015.

It was the labor day evening and Henry McCabe, with his friend William Kennedy, was drinking at a club. According to the information provided to the Police by William Kennedy, he dropped Henry at a gas station convenience store, close to Henry’s house, at around 2 AM. Henry was not seen after that.


Body Found:

Two months later, Henry McCabe’s body was found in the Rush Lake. The body had no marks of any cuts or wounds. There was no evidence of William Kennedy dropping Henry at the gas station he had previously mentioned. The gas station camera had no such footage. On questioning William about this, he informed the Police that he had dropped Henry at a different gas station. He explained that Henry was fully wasted due to consumption of alcohol.

The body was found approximately 4 miles from the gas station and hence it was highly unlikely that Henry walked so far. He was in a terrible state and it was nearly impossible to walk that far on a dark night.

Things Get Interesting:

Henry’s wife was in California that night and at around 2:23 AM, she received a call from him. This is roughly 20 minutes after William had dropped Henry.

Henry was shouting on the phone and told his wife that he had been shot. There were weird sounds on the phone which she described as moaning and growling sounds. Henry was in a lot of pain, she explained. The call ended in a silence before someone yelled: “Stop It!”

Was Henry McCabe Murdered?

William Kennedy was the prime suspect in this murder case. William’s initial story of dropping Henry at a Gas Station proved wrong but he clarified it by mentioning about a different gas station. Interestingly, Henry McCabe’s house keys were also found with Kennedy.

Another friend of Henry McCabe was suspected as he had Henry’s wallet with him. He explained that he had got Henry’s wallet so that Henry could not buy more drinks as was already highly intoxicated.

Did Henry Die Due To Drowning?

Henry McCabe was drunk and chances are that he drowned in the lake leading to his death. This seems to be the most logical scenario but the location of the lake where his body was found tells a different story. The lake is surrounded by dense foliage and there are no creeks leading to the lake. The big question is how did Henry’s body land up there?

Chances are that a wild animal attacked Henry before he died. The growling noise over the phone could explain that, but why did he tell his wife that he had been shot? And who screamed, “Stop It”?

Some people say that the noises heard on the phone were similar to ones made by people who are overdosed with a particular type of drug. Was Henry a victim of drugs overdose?

Henry’s body had no marks, cuts, bullet marks or wounds. The how did Henry die?

This mystery is not yet solved!

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