Ants Have Designated Toilet Areas

Ants, like us have designated toilet areas in their nests!! These ants, whose presence in the kitchen in your dessert bowl or any place makes the place gross, are actually clean creatures particularly in their toilet habits.

Scientists at the Universit├Ąt Regensburg have discovered that ants use toilets. They fed ants colored food and found that certain spots in the nest turned colorful. And the ants didn’t just put their toilets anywhere; almost all the ants placed their toilets in the corners.

The study published on February 18, 2015 in the open-access journal PLOS ONE was done by Tomer Czaczkes and colleagues from University of Regensburg, Germany.

“For ants which like us live in very dense communities, sanitation is a big problem,” says Dr. Tomer Czaczkes, who led the study. Ants normally keep a very clean nest and usually throw out dangerous rubbish like food remains and corpses.

Even the ants know that the feces can foster bacteria transmit disease and can become a danger to their colony.

The researchers have not found the exact reason of ants etiquette. They suggest that may be the piled -up waste is useful for them for defense as building materials and as manure for crop or even as markings.

Perhaps these toilets are also gardens for crops, or even stores for valuable nutrients,” added Dr. Czaczkes. Maybe, though, the ants just don’t want to go outside to do their business.