The Southern Pole Of Antarctica Covers Alien Ship Under Her White Bed Sheet

UFOs or the alien spaceships have always questioned the scientists and us about the unfound civilization of aliens.

Life beyond earth is a mystery that holds lots of secrets, about the existence of Aliens and their living.

The searches were never able to achieve the definitive about their presence.

But, some the of theories and evidence have shocked the scientists with their lesser living possibilities.

In these past years, scientists carried out various missions and have launched numerous space aircraft to find their answers. The slightest evidence of Alien existence.

The Southern Pole Of Antarctica Covers Alien Ship

There have been pictures and videos running through the internet showing the evidence of outer space humans.

But one cannot believe on this data before an official announcement is made.

The discussions and debates on unidentified living humans and their flying objects have been an exciting topic for years.

Studies say that people are skeptical about the existence of aliens. When asked about aliens and humans living together, most people didn’t like the concept.

The lack of knowledge and fear can be the reason behind this behavior.

When Google Earth Spots UFO In Antarctica:

Some UFO hunters have investigated and found Secure Team, a YouTube channel. They posted a video of the south pole region of Antarctic mountain with disk placed outside a cave.

The images of global platforms were promoted as ‘Final proof of secret technology’ on the deeply frozen continent.

These images create the stir, compels scientists to open the topics of lost and unfound world.

Google Earth Spots UFO In Antarctica

After researching more, the investigators found some of the most unexplained sights in Antarctica through Google Earth.

The Pyramid

A massive pyramid-like building was the next add up to the list of weird things found in Antarctica.

Yes! You read that right, a Pyramid!

Such visuals have raised many speculations and topic of discussions. Arguments and debates connecting one with the outer civilization buried under the white bed sheet of snow.

Antarctica Pyramid Mountain UFO Alien

When asked the Secure Team about this, they said,

‘This is a bombshell discovery and one of the most obvious, unnatural and anomalous structure, we have found at the South Pole’.

Some theories and people suggest that it was Nazis who went to Southern Pole to test their newly saucer-shaped aircraft.

Secure Team believes Nazis built their secret war bases in Antarctica during World War II. They chose the place where they designed and experimented their flying saucers.

There are pictures of the continent discovering some shocking things such as pyramids, flying saucers, and an unknown staircase.

This fuels conspiracy theories about the lost civilization. But there are also possibilities of natural formation, image glitch and even editing in a motive to create debates.

Snow Staircase Found In Antarctica

The unusual sight of a huge staircase sparked a fierce debate. Some suggesting it could be part of a pyramid or UFO and others claiming it to show air vents. The air vents for a vast colony situated beneath Antarctica.

In recent years, Google Earth has sparked numerous questions with the kind of images and visuals. Some of those will literally make a person go OMG!

Let’s have a look at some pictures which might shock us. Some of weirdest visuals by Google Earth are as follows:

Sprawling Swastika:

Scientists discovered more than 50 geoglyphs across northern Kazakhstan in Central Asia. Also, this includes these signs that are believed to be the swastika.

Not only many geoglyphs were earthen constructed mounds but also it is assumed the swastika was made out of timber.

These geoglyphs are dated back 2,000 years. The time when Europe and Asia were not familiar with the sign called swastika.

Sprawling Swastika

Weird Wheel:

Google Earth shocked the people showing a sight to remember. The view saw old artistry etched into the surface of the planet which includes wheel-like structures.

This discovery that dates more than 8,000 years makes them older than Peru’s geoglyphs called Nazca Lines.

Weird Wheel

Puzzling Pentagram:

A giant pentagram was found in an isolated corner of Kazakhstan, Central Asia with roughly measuring 1,200 feet. The image had many comments linking the sight with devil worshipping and nefarious religious sects.

A detailed research found pentagram turns out to be the outline of a park-made in the shape of a star. Even the aerial view could see the star surrounded by the roads lined with trees.

Puzzling Pentagram

These are some of the most strange, weird and unbelievable images captured by Google Earth. The images that somewhere surprised scientists and freaked people out.

Though it has many unexpected visuals, it is hard to believe that they are true or not.

Final Verdict:

The existence of the aliens is a most mysterious matter we have today! But one can only hope their questions find it answers to unlock the new world outside. The evidence which are putting internet and researchers, a sleepless night is undoubtedly unimaginable.

As for the flying saucer? The discovery says is a UFO but it is hard to believe until an official announcement from the scientists. We are still skeptical about the new invention, which is generating numerous questions on extraterrestrial existence.

What is your opinion on this? Do these images of Antarctica are real or just another piece of Photoshop? Do you believe that this images can be real?

We hope, you have a better opinion for such questions!