Moguicheng – The City Of Devil In China

Moguicheng is an area located in the desert of the Xinjiang town in China. The region is full of mystery with strange things happening there and so is named Moguicheng, meaning the city of devil.

The area is beautiful with its numerous criss-crossing earth mounds of different heights. These mounds look like ancient castles and it is said that the city is formed because of the dry climate and strong winds.

The strong blowing winds have shaped the stones there. Some stones appear to look like stunning palaces proudly standing amidst the desert. Some look like ancient castles with steps. Some even look scary like demons.

Even stones of red, blue, white and orange color are seen scattered. But it is not the natural beauty of this place that attracts the tourist; it is the mysterious sounds that bring them there.

People who had been to Moguicheng have reported mysterious sounds coming from nowhere. On a sunny day when a gentle breeze is flowing, pleasant sounds are heard.

The sound resembles those of millions of bells tinkling or we feel that the melodious rhythm is coming from the strings of guitar pulled gently.

When the winds blow strongly and there is a cyclone, the musical sounds of the guitar turn unpleasant. One hears the sounds of many tigers roaring, elephants trumpeting, women shouting, babies crying.

When the sky turns dark, it is said that many animals and people are mourning and quarreling in the city. As the storms get stronger the sounds become terrifying. The beautiful city turns in to a dreadful Demon city.

These strange sounds are still a mystery. No expert has been able to figure out the reason behind these sounds. When technology has no explanation, the reason is ghosts.

People think that the pleasant sounds are of the fairies and the terrifying sounds are the voices of the ghosts.