5 Unidentified People And Their Mysterious Stories

Just think about an event where your involvement is nothing more than a memorable thing and no one knows who you are.

It might amaze you to know of people committing crimes, killing people and produce blues records without getting caught or have a lack of identity.

But cases like these are still common, even in today’s digital world and is mysterious to encounter meeting people who remain completely unidentified.

Let us look at some most fascinating and famous mysteries involving unknown, unnamed or unidentified people.

1. Robber At Wheaton


Wheaton is a dormitory city situated right outside Chicago. It was in January 2002, a man who covered his face with a mask and had a semiautomatic handgun executed string robberies at banks located in Wheaton.

This unknown homicide hit several banks in the community and was entitled with a nickname “Wheaton Bandit”. This incident was not just common to Wheaton community but it also took place in towns around it like Winfield and Glen Ellyn.

It was proposed by the government to present a reward to the person who can successful apprehends “Wheaton Bandit”. There was a reward of $50,000 to capture or arrest this unidentified robber.

All together Wheaton Bandit robbed credit unions and 16 banks with which he made around $100,000. Authorities tried to find him but even after such a through practice they failed and the limitation of five years’ statute ran out.

2. Bo Weavil Jackson


It is astonishing to hear to a musician who appears out of nowhere, and who even records two albums and then suddenly just disappears.

This sounds impossible but it happened in 1926. In that year, an African-American blues album released by Paramount Records sung by singer-guitarist called Bo Weavil Jackson.

After some time after the release of one song sung by Jackson, he came up with another song and this time it was released and recorded by Vocalion Records but to everyone’s surprise he used another name “Sam Butler”. This was the last time people heard him after the release of the second song this mysterious personality just vanished somewhere.

Jackson successfully recorded more than 13 tracks and he was praised by blues historians. There are no concrete proofs of his to prove his identity. He still remains unidentified.

3. San Angelo John Doe


It was during March 31, 2005, an elderly man collapsed suddenly in a thrift store while shopping out of heart attack. After authorities found his identification they showed that this elderly man was called “roger Smith”.

But later on, authorities stated that the ID that they came across was a dummy. They further stated that this elderly man had more three forged IDs and was a resident of Texas. This man was brilliant as he intentionally damaged his own fingerprints.

People and few authorities came up with different explanations but all of them were ruled out as this man still remains unidentified.

4. The Teardrop Rapist


Los Angeles was terrified by a Latino sexual predator who was believed to be accountable to sexually assault at least 39 victims.

After enquiring about his appearance almost all the victim described his teardrop tattoo near his left eye. This is how he was coined the “teardrop rapist”.

He struck the first time in 1995. He was inactive for six years that is from 2005 to 2011. After this break, he was linked with three attacks in between 2011-2013.

But it was unfortunate that it was an innocent man who had to serve several years for the crimes of the teardrop rapist. But to everyone’s surprise, this innocent man Luis Lorenzo who received life sentence was released from prison.

After a DNA test conducted in November 2015 tests proved that an assault alleged at Vargas was committed by unidentified teardrop rapist and not by Luis. The Teardrop Rapist is still at large.

5. Julie Doe


In Florida, Lake Country a decomposed body was found in a wooded area on 25th September 1988. It was stated that this decomposed body is of a female victim, though the cause of her death remains unknown.

After further medical investigations, it was concluded that this victim had gone through breast implants and she had given birth at some point in her lifetime.

After a DNA testing conducted in 2015 of the remains of the body, an astonishing thing came up. It was discovered that that victim was a transgender as DNA was of male and that victim clearly had breast implants.

This victim was called by a new name “Julie Doe”. This type of surgery was quite uncommon during 1988 and that is how it was assumed that body could be of female. Regardless of this disclosure, identity of Julie Doe was yet to be determined.

These were 5 of tens of thousands of cases where people have left behind their marks on the world as well as leaving behind the question of their identities.